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Příloha č. 15: Dalton identity checklist for nominating Dalton schools

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Dalton International
Czech Dalton Association

Procedure by visitation

Visitation has the intent to control the internal Dalton development of a school.

This visitation procedure has to be incorporated in the local inspection procedure.

1. Preparation

Self reflection by the school based on the three Dalton characteristics:

  • using the checklist Dalton identity
  • showing school brochures etc. in which Dalton elements are one of the premises
  • the school has to send this material three weeks before the actual visitation to the secretary of the Czech Dalton Association
  • the school can make a planning for the next future and indicate in which area the school want to implement other Dalton elements

2. Visitation

A delegation of the Czech Dalton Association or Dalton International visits the school one day.

The Dalton delegation uses the ‘Checklist Dalton Identity’ to observe the daily procedure in the school. The management of the school prepares a time schedule for visiting several classes.

The delegation has to make a relation between the self evaluation of the school and the daily practice.

The Dalton delegation can interview some pupils and after visiting a class the teacher will be interviewed.

In some situations (especially outside the city of Brno) it is important to have an interview with a representative of the school board.

At the end of the day a meeting of the school team must be organized.

The chairman of the Dalton delegation gives a verbal report of the experiences of the delegation. The management and the individual teachers can give their reactions or supplementary information.

3. Report

The Dalton delegation has to write a detailed report of the experiences, based on all elements mentioned in 1 and 2 to prove the designation ‘Dalton school’.

If the final conclusion of the delegation is negative, there must be another visitation in the next school year.